About Us

Flowers are notorious for brightening up a space and a face

FNQ Blooms is a 52 acre property situated at the foot hills Mt Bartle Frère which is Queensland tallest mountain. Our farm is nestled beside the lush rainforest of Wooroonooran National Park.

We purchased the property in July of 2011. The farm was very rundown since Cyclone Larry devastated the region in 2006.

We all love the natural beauty of flowers and the way they lift our spirits

A lot of hard work has gone into clearing land for commercial use again. The property was completely over grown with raspberry bush, clumps of old sugar cane and the ill-famed “wait awhile” vine. Thank goodness we had a little Ford tracker with a bucket. We named the tractor “I think I can” and it worked and worked until it could work no more!

As the property took shape we finally planted the first row of Heliconia’s in November 2011. I sat in the middle of the row with a glass of wine and marvelled at the work we had been done, then cried for the work yet to be done. My vision was starting to take shape and my passion for growing flowers was really alive.

Where we are now

Currently our farm has 13 hectares of Tropical Flowers under plant.

The first of many hot houses has been built for Vanilla bean vines. Vanilla is well suited for the tropical climate like the flowers.

At the end of 2019 we opened our Air B and B house which is also situated on the property. Life could not be busier.

Currently the farm supplies Tropical Flowers into the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne markets and Florists.

FNQ Blooms is about an hour from the Cairns Airport. Our flowers are picked, washed and packed on Tuesday and Friday for shipment to various locations in Australia. New clients are always welcome so contact us for further information.

If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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