About Us

“Growing flowers is the most beautiful thing.”

FNQ Blooms is a 52 acre property situated at the foot hills of the tallest mountain in Queensland Mt Bartle Frère standing at 1622 mt surrounded by cane fields. We are nestled up to the Wooroonooran National Park with lush rainforest trees and crystal clear creeks and water falls.

We brought this property in july 2011 as a rundown property not farmed since cyclone Larry in 2006 as so many farms in this area with farmers walking away from the heart ache, not able to pick up and start again.

A lot of hard work has gone into clearing land for commercial use again, to bring this farm back to life. With the property completely over grown with raspberry and old sugar cane clumps and wait awhile it was one very long road. Thank goodness we had a little ford tracker with a bucket, I named ‘I think I can’ and she worked and worked until she was unable work anymore she then found a new home in retirement.

As the property come to shape our first flower rows went in November 2011. I sat with a glass of wine in the middle of the row and marvelled at the work that had been done and cry at the work yet to be done it was a real moment of joy our vision was starting to take shape.

In 2014 we have 7 acres under plant, and will continue to plant new Tropical Flowers each year as planting season comes around in September. We have a large variety of Heliconia’s and Ginger’s including Claw’s, Psittacorum’s, Beehive’s and Costa’s. FNQ Blooms quality control is the upmost importance for us and for our client’s satisfaction.

Farming is a challenging job but it is something that we love doing. I have been working in this industry for around 10 years owning tropical fruit /flower farms and have worked with other tropical flowers growers in the area. We have now found the right property to expand and grow our business for years to come.

Currently we supply Tropical Flowers into Brisbane and are looking for contacts in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide wholesale markets. As well we are looking to supply direct to florists.

We are situated 1½ hours from Cairns domestic and international airport. Our flowers are picked, washed and packed on a Friday and are ready for shipment (airfreight) Saturday morning to make the markets on Monday morning. As season’s changed picking and shipment will commence twice a week.

If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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