Our terms for Plants and Rhizomes

Our product guarantee

We understand that you will be buying product “sight unseen” from a new supplier, but be assured we prides ourselves on a high quality sorting system.
  • Select planting material from our strongest plants.
  • Plants are washed and trimmed of all dirt.
  • Dipped in a Fungicide solution, and seaweed/fish solution.
  • Individually wrapped in moist shredded newspaper, tagged and bagged to keep humidity high around the rhizomes.
Our treatment of rhizomes minimizes disease and gives the plant the best chance in being transplanted.
Our packaging is all biodegradable boxes, shredded newspaper and bags.
If you receive your plants and there is any damage to them. We ask you to take a photo, send it to us, and we will reimburse you for the plants which are damaged.
If you have any concerns with our product just let us know. I am all ways interested in hearing feedback.
You are able to buy your Tropical plants from FNQ Blooms with complete confidence. Knowing you will receive high quality plants witch have every chance in propagation.


Anywhere in Australia (Customer to pay freight cost)

Payment terms

Payments can be made via direct bank deposit.
  • Public customers need to pay before shipment leaves the farm.
  • A strict 14 day payment terms applies to Nursery clients.
We maintain a strict overdue accounts policy and account holders will be subject to additional interest fees and debt collection service fees if overdue accounts remain outstanding and late collection services are required.


FNQ Blooms will not disclose any personal information we collect from you or your business in processing your sale.
The only time this information will be disclosed is if it is required by law.
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