Tips for Florist Handling

  • To get the best out of your Tropical flowers after you unpack them, and submerse the flowers in tempered water for 20 minute. DO NOT use ice cold water.
  • Display at room temperature during the day and mist regularly. At night place them in a large bucket filled with tempered water and cover with a large garbage bag. This will ensure you retain maximum moisture levels in the flowers and protected them from cool nights, therefore maximize their life.
  • Remove any curled or brown tipped leaves. These leaves are just symptoms of moisture loss during freight. Browning at the base of the flower head is caused by cold damage.
  • Never refrigerate tropical flowers. They should NOT be stored below 13 degrees. Keep your topical’s away from direct heating and air-conditioning. Re-cut the stems at least 2 to 4 cm with sharp secateurs.
  • Replace water daily because these large flowers are thirsty.
  • Misting is recommended once or twice a day as they like high humidity.

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