Some tips for Florist Handling

  • To get the best out of your Tropical flowers after you unpack them you can submerse them in a bath tub for 20 mins in tempered water, NOT ice cold tap water to rehydrate them from travelling.
  • Display at room temperature during the day and mist regularly. At night place them in a large bucket filled with tempered water, cover with a large garbage bag. This will ensure you retain maximum moisture levels in the flowers and protected them from cool nights and therefore maximize their life for your customers.
  • Remove any leaves that curl and trim brown tips from flowers if they occur. These are both symptoms of moisture loss or heat stress. Browning at the base of the flower head is caused by cold damage.
  • Never refrigerate tropical flowers. They should NOT be stored below 13 degrees.
  • Tropical’s like tempered conditions.
  • Keep Tropical’s away from direct heating and air-conditioners units.
  • Drastic changes in temperature burns fresh cut flowers. When handling exotic tropical flowers keep in mind that cold weather can affect them, keep your exotic tropical flowers in a relative warm area.
  • Re-cut stems at least 2 to 4 cm with sharp secateurs.
  • Preservative is optional.
  • Replace water every day – these large flowers are thirsty.
  • Misting is recommended once or twice a day as they like high humidity.

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